[POTS] Twice Upon a Hero

Featured on June 26, 2011, 06:53:48 PM

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Once upon a time, the world fell prey to a cruel demon. Azazel The Fallen ravaged the lands, leaving misery and death in its wake. A group of young people banded together and traveled the world in search of a way to defeat him. They forged friendships, found true love and struggled with the possibility of betrayal in their midst. In six short months, they developed extraordinary strength and skills they did not know they possessed. When they finally met Azazel on the battlefield, they fought with glory and pride. As the hero delivered the mortal blow, the world went quiet, barely daring to breathe. Without their leader, the demon armies retreated back into the night. At last, the world rejoiced.

It has been fifteen years since Azazel fell. The world has changed and its people moved on. Alistair is now trying to live a normal life, tucked away in a small, sleepy village. But a casual visit from an old acquaintance threatens to propel him back into a world of adventure - whether he likes it or not!

Embark on a journey to explore the world and the unique perspective of what happens to said world once the fairytale of might and magic is over.

See the development thread for more details and screenshots.

Summer 2011

[POTS] Perchance to Dream

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Remembering the past is nothing but a luxury now. Many people of today's age have lost the ability to recall memories by themselves, so instead they enlist the work of Dream Doctors, or otherwise known as hypnotists... A distressed woman, Rosaline, finds herself at a breaking point. Her hometown is destroyed--parents lost with it, and the love of her life is chasing her down like a criminal. Frederick, the man she thought to spend the rest of her life with, discovers about a certain truth about Rosaline's past and can't grasp it. He swears to hunt her down and bring her to justice. Of course Rosaline has never had this memory Awakened to her, so she's forced to run and not even know why. Reaching a safe location, she seeks the aid of one of the most powerful Dream Doctors she knows: her close friend Jasmine. Her plan is to erase the criminal past she might have, and prove to Frederick she's innocent. However, when messing with the mind, it never goes as planned.

See the development thread for more details and screenshots.

Spring 2011

[POTS] The Order of the Marten

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Winter 2011

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"You would think it a simple decision, die, or serve your king, however, this woman holds a great deal of animosity for her king, who has done nothing to protect border towns from the growing threat of the wildmen, rampaging sub-humans who have been terrorizing and raiding the out territories. With reluctance the woman does accept the bargain, and her life ends at the hand of the executioner. Her name has been lost to the world, along with her story.

Audrey, as the new recruit into this squad calls herself, has been enlisted as a bodyguard for it's leader, an enigmatic man known as Simon. She has learned that all members of this squad are former criminals, executed for crimes as petty as document forgery and as vile as rape and murder. After brief re-training, she and Simon set out to investigate the disappearance of one of the squad's informants, and discover a conspiracy unraveling, one which could endanger king and country, and the squad is the only chance this country has to prevent an international fiasco.

Loyalties will be tested, lies will be exposed and our heroine will learn that nothing is ever as it seems in the world of politics. Will she be able to cope with what this quest makes her do? Follow her tale and find out."

See the full topic for more details and screenshots.

[POTS] World's Dawn

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Autumn 2010

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"One of the major design-related goals of the World's Dawn project is to create a fully realized and highly interactive environment around the player. This undertaking has resulted in the cozy rural hamlet of "Sugar Blossom Village", a town brimming with personality that acts both as the game's setting and home to its charismatic cast of characters.

The residents of Sugar Blossom rely mainly on agriculture and trade for their livelihood. As such, the town contains a few small farmhouses, as well as a variety of craft markets and workshops. Most of the local tenants live in the upper floors of their shops, an idyllic lifestyle that lends itself to the quiet, rustic charm of the community.

The game world is comprised of entirely original graphics, giving the town a look that is both vibrant and visually memorable. Bright, spirited colors bring the world to life and establish an aesthetic style unique to World's Dawn.

The dynamic nature of Sugar Blossom provides perhaps the most interesting aspect of the project; decor and activity within the town vary with special events, turning seasons, and player actions. Meant to be thoroughly traversed and appreciated, the peaceful village even harbors a few fun secrets for those curious enough to ask around and dig a little deeper."

See the full topic for more details and screenshots.

Legend of Zelda: Realm of the Gods [POTM May 2010]

Featured on May 05, 2010, 05:30:57 PM

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Ganondorf was sent to the darkest hole of the realm.  There, even deadlier and crueler souls than his had resided since the dawn of time and none of them had broken forth and so the gods were comforted that they were rid of this evil for good.

They were wrong.

Ganandorf, with hidden power and might broke free of this prison.

Free, within the realm of the gods to hunt down the powers that had imprisoned him and punish them to the end of time.

Meanwhile, the three goddess that had created Hyrule had no choice but to hide in the land they had ruled over, each taking a third of the sacred and mysterious triforce with them.

With the realm under his command Ganondorf opened a new portal to the world, allowing his powers of evil to destroy the peace and plunge the world into darkness once more...

Full topic, with more screenshots, more info, and a demo

Valithirian Arc [April PotM]

Featured on April 05, 2010, 11:37:22 PM

Full project topic with more screens, more info, and a link to the game

Valthirian Arc is a game developed with Lucidrine. The Player takes on the role of the Principal of an Academy in a magical fantasy world, known as Valthiria, and takes on the role of overseeing the training of the students and managing the school itself, teaching the young warrior and mage apprentices to cast magic and wield weaponry.

Enroll new students, train them, grade them up, give them examinations, take care of their mood, accept quests from nearby villagers, and make your Academy the most famous, prestige Academy of Valthiria!

Full project topic with more screens, more info, and a link to the game

Leomorn Sword

Featured on March 12, 2010, 04:50:33 PM

Leomorn Sword

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“Very high above fly our three islands: they say some
ancient spell keeps them floating. They’re inhabited
by all sorts of creatures, both human and not.
There’s nothing underneath.

Some years ago the islands were threatened by a
demon rurmored to come from another dimension.
My brother saved us all: he fell down the island along with it.
Of course, he disappeared ever since.

He was a Guardian: an élite mercenary force
trained «to keep the Shire safe», as the Elders would say.
One day I shall become a Guardian too.
Right now, I’m but an apprentice, working under Lord Ánammon.

I’ve been living in Nossa for the past nineteen years,
since I was born. I don’t know much about my parents,
except that Miss Rune Milner took me in.
My brother used to be my only family”.

Panril and Lauron have been working with Lord Ánammon for about two months near the ruins where Leomorn, Lauron’s brother, disappeared years before, when all of a sudden something is dug out, something that unequivocally belongs to another world... While Ánammon, as a scholar and a researcher, is willing to see things clearly, the Council grows impatient to burke the matter: they’re the keepers of an essential dogma: there is no Underworld. Whatever it is that Ánammon found out, it won’t change their beliefs.
The matter is even more delicate to Eilmorel, not only because of her anxiety to show her worth to the Council, but also because those beliefs are the ones her mother, before her, meant to preserve.

Full topic, with more screenshots, more info, and a demo

Fall of the Living: First Outbreak

Featured on October 01, 2009, 02:39:07 AM

The story to this game is still being worked on so I will just give you an idea
The game no longer takes place where zombies completely rule the world, but the world is in deep trouble.
The game will now take place few weeks after the dead have first rose.
The first "safe haven" you start off in is an office building with the staircase destroyed with roof access.
The dead have been walking for about 5 weeks already.
You are in the building with a few other people, and you can save other people from outside to bring back to the building.
You can do diffrent missions for all the main characters,  then leads to you leaving the city (main storyline mission) once it gets too filled with zombies. Doing missions other than the main one will be rewarding, but its a risk you have to take.
You don't have to do missions the whole time however.
You could just leave the building on your own and go out and kill zombies and explore.
I want to game to have choices that will affect the way the story goes, but nothing too deep.

Full topic with screenshots, more info, and other details

Final Fantasy V-II: Sacred Chains

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"The Sacred Crystals have always been used to conquer evil of the world with Warriors of the Crystals, using both magic the crystals bestow with the warrior's bravery and will, they conquer evil together to banish it into the realm of nothingness. The warriors are not the only guardians that could use the power of the crystals; legend has it that there are four dragons, which were put into eternal slumber due to their berserk nature and power to the destroy the world itself. Legend also says...if the power of the crystals fell into the wrong hands, the dragons could be revived...

...The revival of world destruction."

After the battle with Exdeath, Bartz, Lenna, Faris and Krile went their seperate ways.

As the new ruler of "New" Typhoon and with Faris gone back to her crew as their pirate captian, she stays along in the castle, always remembering the past she once had with her friends. She wants to go find them...but how will she be reunited with her friends?

As Lenna thinks of a way to reunite with her friends, we enter Zeke...

Zeke is a Mage with the power to change the form his magic takes, being it White, Black, Blue or even Arcane magic. Zeke suddenly woke up from being unconscious for an unknown amount of time, due to this, he suffers from memory loss and cannot remember anything except for his name. After waking up, he finds himself awake in a forest, since he suffers from amnesia, this forest is a mystery to him. As Zeke wanders the forest, he finds a man in shining blue and white armor camping in the forest...could it be...?

Full topic with screenshots, extra info & download

Nora's Dragon Stories

Featured on August 16, 2009, 12:56:33 AM

                Once upon a time, there was born a girl. Her name was Nora. Everyone knew when she was born that she was someone special, because she wrote lots of Stories about Dragons. Nobody believed her and her Stories, but she said she got visions about them and wrote that visions down. For a long time she had no friends or whatsoever, 'cause she was considered as a fool. But then there was Devo, a boy who lived in the same village and had a great fantasy. They became really good friends, and Devo was the only one who believed her. But about 13 years later, when Devo was 14 years old, Nora became really sick. Different recording doctors came by to see what was wrong, but they had no clue. Apparently she had a disease nobody had seen before. But then there was a mysterious doctor, named Japur. He and only he knew what was wrong, because this was happened to him before. He knew how to solve this. The only way to cure her, was to make the people believe in her Stories.

                  You will be playing Devo, the young and brave soul, and crawl into the books of Nora to get a piece of evidence of all of the Dragons in her books. Will you succeed?

Full topic with screenshots, extra info & download

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